Submissions for the Institute for Post Conflict Development

FPCD welcomes video submissions for our Institute for Post Conflict Development.

Please read our Concept Note below and if you have any questions or feel inclined to make a 2 minute tutorial using your “smart phone” Please email to : contact@postconflictdev.org

Concept Note On-Line Institute for Post Conflict Development

The Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FPCD) was established in 2005 to fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the context of post conflict situations. Post Conflict communities can be fragile and vulnerable, especially for families, women and children. The FPCD makes no judgement on conflict and leaves the resolution of conflict to the experts. The FPCD solely
focuses on development projects that assist communities. At the forefront of all our endeavors is the precept that country-owned and country-led interventions are the only interventions that deliver long term and sustainable results. This is why the FPCD formally expanded its mission to include support to the g7+, an intergovernmental voluntary organization for countries that are either
facing active conflict or have recently experienced conflict and fragility.

The Post Conflict Development Association of Monaco was established in 2015 as a complimentary organization. With a presence in Europe and the United States the FPCD continues to advocate for post conflict development with new strength. With the diversification of the geography of work from Timor-Leste, Cote d’Ivoire to Haiti, it is evident that the organization has a role to play in educating about post conflict development.

Education is a pillar in the post conflict setting, therefore, The Institute for Post Conflict Development will build on FPCD’s practical experience and unite those with the desire to learn more about post conflict development. The Institute will serve as a place where students and friends of peace and development can convene to learn about FPCD’s work, the needs of post conflict and fragile countries and the work of the United Nations and g7+ in this arena.

The FPCD website will house the Institute comprised of short videos. With fingertip technology (smart phone) “Two-minute Tutorials” from experts and persons either from, or experience with, post conflict or fragile communities, will share a facet about their needs, challenges and successes.

Subjects to be covered include:
* What is Post Conflict Development.
* What is it like to live in a post conflict country?
* What are the essentials in creating post conflict development?
* How is post conflict development different from conflict resolution
*What are the legal instruments necessary to combat fragility
* What is the g7+ and its role in development?
* The importance of counter-terrorism initiatives in fragile states
* What are family priorities in fragile countries
* or any aspect.

Each two- minute tutorial will be transcribed in written form and collected into a publication and launched during FPCDs 20th Anniversary in 2025